Intellectual property commercialization

The introduction of intellectual property into commercial practice represents the final phase of research and development at CTU. The conclusion of a License Contract doesn´t only mean a financial gain for the originator and the university but also the affirmation of CTU´S position as an institution interconnecting studies, research and commercial practice. In the case of some projects financed from external sources a successful commercialization is an acceptance condition.

We have many years of experience with the commercialization of intellectual property from CTU´s faculties and departments to entities in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. It can be in the form of a license sale to a producer or a form of cooperation during finalization and verification of the technology, its standardization, providing know-how and/or services, or potentially another form of cooperation between CTU and the commercial sphere.

In some cases, the originators themselves want to establish their own company (a start-up) and commercialize their intellectual property by their own means. In that case, the Department of Technology Transfer is also ready to help with the transfer of rights to intellectual property and assist with resulting juridical questions.

Contact person

In matters of commercialization please contact
JUDr. Ing. Jan Urban, Ph.D., LL.M.