Research and development results notification

An employee in an employment relationship is required to notify all results of research and development to his/her employer according to § 9 in Act No. 527 / 1990 Coll. on Inventions and Rationalisation Proposals. This obligation and how to fulfill it is established in the Vice-Rector´s Directive No. 2/2014 regarding procedures of handling intellectual property at CTU.

This primarily concerns results that lead to their protection (e.g. patents, utility model certificates, industrial designs) but also know-how and results regulated by the Copyright Act No. 121/2000 Coll., on Copyright and Rights Related to Copyright and on Amendment to Certain Acts.

Notification process:

  1. The employee fills out the research and development notification form “Oznámení o výsledku výzkumu a vývoje” and sends it electronically to the address
  2. In case of need the employee can contact Ing. Hana Winklerová from the department of Technology Transfer at +420 22435 3618.
  3. Ing. Hana Winklerová will then confirm that the electronically sent notification form is correctly filled out and will request relevant signatures. The notification is signed by all originators (including external ones), the head of the CTU department and the Vice-Dean for Science and Research of the CTU Faculty (or director in case of university institution).
  4. The employee will deliver the signed notification form into the hands of Ing. Hana Winklerová.
  5. Within three months from the delivery date the employer (CTU) will decide whether to apply property rights or not and will inform the employee of the decision. In case CTU decides to exercise property rights (accepting the results into administration), all rights belong to the employer (CTU) in the opposite case, all rights belong to the employee.
  6. Protection of intellectual property (if purposeful) and commercialization usually follow.

Notification of Research and Development Results Form

  1. Industrial law

Notification of creation of an object of industrial property (docx)

Concerns results belonging into the three following categories:

  • Invention i.e. patent (in the terms of Act No. 527/1990 Coll. on Inventions and Rationalization Proposals as amended by subsequent laws)
  • Technical solutions, i.e. utility models (according to Act No. 478/1992 Coll. on Utility Models) which are new, exceed the framework of mere professional skill and are industrially applicable
  • The new appearance of the whole or a part of a product and which has individual character i.e. industrial design (according to Act 207/2000 Coll. on Industrial Designs)
  1. Copyright Act

Notification of creation of scientific work according to the Copyright Act (docx)

Concerning results according to the Act 121/2000 Coll. the subject matter of copyright shall be a literary work or any other work of art or a scientific work including software or database.

  1. Know-how

Notification of know-how invention (docx)

A collection of not patented practical knowledge emerging from experience and research of the owner who is secret, significant and identifiable